Typing Telugu into PC made easy

The article includes right from setting up your PC to typing all characters in Telugu. So, dont miss the following thing…ok!

Setting up your PC:
1. Ensure that you have Win XP on your system, bcoz, I have very limited idea about other OS’ as I have forgot working on them long back.
2. Open Controlpanel>Regional and language Settings
3. On the ‘languages’ tab, check the two boxes which are abt. (complex script and right to left languages, east Asian languages)-You may be asked to pt back the WIN XP Cd into CD ROM drive now! If you have install support for all languages while setting up your PC with XP then you need not require your XP cd.

4. After installing from the CD, click details button in the laguages tab to setup telugu keyboard layout and input language. You may also setup a key-setting. In the details>advanced tab, you may also give extended support for all programs

Now you have set it up successfully…

Using/ typing:
1. Begin testing/typing in your MS-word(a better option). Open MS-word, press ‘left Alt+shift” until you see “telugu” in the language bar of your MS-Word.

2. Use the image to have the idea of each letter you type, keep in mind that, for typing things like క్య or ర్ఘ్య, follow the order while typing (క>క్>క్య and ర>ర్>ర్ఘ>ర్ఘ్>ర్ఘ్య).

3. You can also paste this text into almost any application and this is Unicode(UTF-8)
Which means you always have better chance of opening in your browser.

Hope this information is enough and may be applicable to other languages too.
కాబట్టి స్వేచ్ఛగా మన తెలుగు వాడటం మొదలెట్టండి. సరేనా?

మళ్ళీ కలుస్తా…..

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4 వ్యాఖ్యలు to “Typing Telugu into PC made easy”

  1. cbrao Says:

    After reading your help, I am able to install support for Telugu in Windows XP. But east Asian languages was not installed by me which I feel is not needed for Telugu. I am able to type Telugu in M.S Word. I am also able to copy and paste Telugu to Word.

    This help file served its purpose. Thanx.

  2. bratneshrao Says:

    విండోస్ ఎక్స్ పీ లో రీజనల్ లాంగ్వజ్ లో తెలుగును ఇన్ స్టాల్ చేసిన తరువాత Telugu Indic IME అను సాఫ్ట్ వేర్ ను ఇన్ స్టాల్ చేసి చూడండి.

  3. Mani Chanti Says:

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